Water Slide Rentals In Leander Texas

The Kid: Hey Mom/Dad... sure is getting hot out here.
The Parent: Son/Daughter, you know I reckon you're right. How can we cool off?
The Kid: Mom/Dad, CenTex Jump & Party Rentals has that awesome 40' Lone Star Double Lane Water Slide for rent. It's Awesome!
or maybe...
Son/Daughter: My iPad battery keeps dying! Oh the humanity!
Mom/Dad: When I was a kid we used to..... (insert anything constructive)
Son/Daughter: You guys are so boring, no one plays kick the can or balance sticks or whatever... Lame!
Mom/Dad: Go outside!
Son/Daughter: Ugggggggghhhhhh ITS SOOOOOO HOT!
Mom/Dad: That's it, we're renting a water slide and we're getting a "frozen drink" machine from CenTex Jump & Party Rentals.

Does this sound like the chatter around the house lately? We'll we have the answer.

If you need a Water Slide in Leander, we proudly service the greater Austin area to include Leander Texas! We love Leander and your backyard is our backyard.

With Texas heat knocking at our doors, we all find ourselves needing to beat the heat! CenTex Jump & Party Rentals has all you need to stay cool and wet when the weather just won't cooperate. We wanted to let all our friends in the area know we are in full swing and we have all kinds of water slide rentals and inflatable party rentals in Leander TX. If you and your family need some backyard games we have those too. Most of our units can be used wet or dry so please read the descriptions carefully.

CenTex Jump & Party Rentals is the best rental and inflatable bounce house and water-slide rental in central Texas. We have a full line of Bounce House Rentals in Leander, Obstacle Course Rentals, Concession Rentals, and of course the BEST Water Slide Rentals in Central Texas!

Reserve Today and book with confidence for your next event or party! All our units are meticulously cleaned and inspected before each rental. Remember...

You Bring The Guests and We'll Bring The Rest!

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